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Here at Flores Leather we are committed to responsible production of all of our leather goods, from start to finish. From sourcing quality supplies, to handling by trained craftsmen, we work to create you a final product that will last a lifetime, or a few.  

100% handcrafted


built to last
a lifetime

made with you in mind


Meet The
Flores Family


Like most things worth loving Flores Leather Works started out humbly in the Flores' basement. Eber & Rebekah had just gotten married and they decided to get their CCW together. After the class they started searching for the perfect holster that was both high quality and stylish, but kept coming up empty. So, they decided to make their own! With no previous leatherwork experience, Eber created his first leather holster and it turned out so great that he decided to make another. Friends and family began to take note and before they knew it the orders began to roll in. Rebekah started helping and they quickly found that they made the perfect team, each one complimenting each others skills. As they began fulfilling orders, their teamwork blossomed as they learned, grew, and refined their skills. Eber loves creating and designing products, with each FLW product pattern carefully hand created on their drawing table. Rebekah loves the actual execution and building products, along with the detail and finishing work in each product. Every product ordered passes through both Eber & Rebekah’s hands before it gets to you! Their passion for working with leather, and together, really translates through the pieces, each built for you and made to last a lifetime, or two.